Ask A Woman What Women Want

It is far easier to learn the truth from a woman. Why not sit down and ask your female friends what they look for in a man. First hint: women don’t look for a long term relationship with a “kid, bro’, guy or any other cute little terms”. They may go out with them but they will never take them as seriously as they will the “Man” they are with. Women respect a man who acts like a man. Here are some tips from a woman that will help rid you of that “Macho, Macho Man” persona. BongaCams has more information about that, you can even discuss all things with girls in online chat.

Take it slow and easy. Don’t come on too strong.

Men like to get right to the point, women do not. What women want is to know all the reasons for things that happen or are said. They don’t like guessing games for long. They may be intrigued and curious but will lose interest in a “cat and mouse game” that goes nowhere. So will the relationship. Keep it plain and simple. If you come on strong, you are gone. She will think, “Who doses he think he is? I’m outta here!”

When you approach a woman, start with small talk.

Make her feel like you want her there with you. Don’t get personal, respect that she may like her privacy. A woman can’t be too careful and we have been warned of all the dangers. Don’t trigger “red warning flags”. As you get to know her better you can increase the questions but don’t make her feel like this date is a 20 questions serious or you will be gone.

When you first meet a woman you would like to get to know better, make some small talk, stay for just a couple minutes, pay her a compliment, tell her you would like to talk with her again and then leave. Even if it is only to go across the room and speak with a friend, walk away and then return in about 20 minutes. That will give her time to think about you and if she is interested, she will be wondering if you are going to come back. When you do come back you will find it easier to talk with her because she will be the inquisitive person then.

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