7 Deadly Dating Fallacies

Dear Fellow Lover of Women And Great Sex

Are you sick of taking whatever you can get in your dating life? Have you ever jealously wondered what those ‘other guys’ have that you don’t that makes them so irresistible to women?

It isn’t looks.  We’ve all seen ugly ass dudes with smoking hot chicks.

It isn’t money, either.   We all know guys one step away from being homeless who get more ass than a sofa.

So what separates the winners from the losers in the dating game? The answer is:   beliefs.

Guys who are consistently successful with women hold different beliefs from guys who have to dig at the bottom of the barrel. And unless you upgrade your belief system as well, you’ll never have the level of female abundance you want.

But if you can DROP the old beliefs that are sabotaging your success, you’ll start to see a quality and quantity of women into your life that you never even thought possible.

You’ll have more power, more freedom and more choice of hotter, higher quality girls. And it doesn’t even matter if you want unlimited sex-filled nights with hot, new babes weekly OR if you want to find just ONE great girl. Either way, it’s crucial that you identify and eliminate the beliefs and mindsets that undermine your success and drive girls away.

And in just a minute, I’m going to show you exactly how you can revamp your belief system  today  and claim the female abundance that is your birth right…

The Elephant In Your Head…

Have your heard what happens when you chain an elephant to a shackle form an early age…?

The young elephant walks around with this uncomfortable shackle around its ankle but isn’t strong enough yet to break free of it. For months, the young elephant tries to free itself from the painful restraint that hinders its freedom. But no matter how hard he tries, the shackle won’t break.

Eventually, the young elephant gives up on trying to free itself and «accepts» bondage as an unchangeable fact of life.

So a few years go by. Now the elephant is twice is big and twice as strong. He can easily break the restraint around his ankle. But he doesn’t even bother trying.

You see, he’s tried and tried and failed so much that he’s now convinced that any attempt to break free is ultimately futile. And so, the elephant spends its entire life in fetters…

You probably have a lot in common with the elephant. But while the chains that bind him are made of metal, the ones that hold you back from true freedom in the land of women are mental.

And with your permission, I’d like to show you how you can quickly and easily break away from these limiting beliefs and claim the power and freedom in the dating world that you deserve.

By coaching dozens of men just like you, I’ve found that the guys who lack the level of success with women that they want all share a common set of beliefs about women and dating that prevent the very success they crave.

I call these toxic beliefs «deadly dating fallacies».

In my work with men, I’ve identified 7 Deadly Dating Fallacies that present the biggest barriers to an extraordinary sex life and love life. And inevitably, whenever I help my coaching clients remove these roadblocks, their love lives do a 180!

Imagine if your phone started to fill up with loads of numbers from attractive girls. And what if your week was so booked with dates that you had to cancel on the 6s and 7s to make room for the 8s and 9s? And how would you feel about your life if you were having more kinky sex than you could even handle?

Sounds crazy, right? I mean, talk about quality problems!

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