3 Tips For Getting Laid In Thailand

A growing number of guys have been reaching out to me for advice on getting laid in Thailand. From the email conversations and coaching calls I’ve done, it’s become clear to me that most Western men coming to Thailand for the first time have a warped conception of male-female dynamics.

These guys have been dealing with fucked up Western girls so long, that their tendency is to over-analyze every little text message punctuation mark as being low value or high value, and to carefully hide their sexual intent until «just the right moment» for fear of activating a girl’s slut defense.

In a word: too much ‘game’, not enough balls.

And that’s perfectly understandable. If you’re living in the West and dealing with Western girls, you either have to adopt an approach that works (even if it destroys your soul a little bit) or spend the night jerking off.

But in Thailand, there’s no need to be a dancing clown whose game is based on entertaining some mediocre looking, ADD slut just long enough to get in her pants. Nor is there any need to hide the fact that you’re a man and that you have a pair of cajones swinging between your legs. You can be a man here, it’s ok. They’re not going to come and take you away.

There’s a scary truth lurking behind that last sentence. And that truth is that men in the West are literally afraid to be men. They’re cowed, scared, terrified of the endless repercussions they face if they exhibit so much as one iota of male behavior in the presence of the wrong bitch.

All of the quintessential male behaviors are now shamed and punished instead of exalted and rewarded. Qualities like boldness, doggedness, persistence, honesty, overt sexuality and others that used to be revered are now lampooned by the feminist run educational system, the media, and moron Youtube celebrities like Laci Greene. «Consent is sexy.» Give me a fucking break.

Boldly approaching a beautiful woman and making a play for her is now street harassment. Hooking up with your drunk ex-girlfriend and her feeling bad about it is now rape. And any attempt to be a decent husband and father is subject to the ubiquitously dreaded reality of divorce rape, in which a woman decides overnight that she hates the guy she married and wants 50% of his shit…and custody of the kids.

In short, Western women have been given cart blanche by a police state to act however they want with virtually no serious consequences for behaviors that would be unthinkable (and punished violently) a century ago. On the other side of the coin, men now go through their lives with the presumption of guilt until proven innocent for any perceived transgression. Men are seen and portrayed as cretins, barely useful for their sperm and cash.

All a Western woman has to do is claim that a man has made her uncomfortable, has harassed her, has said something inappropriate to her, or god forbid, has «raped» her, and that guy’s career is pretty much finished. To say nothing of his reputation and the nightmare he has to go through just to defend mere allegations.

What lay behind such a frightening amount of power?

Behind a woman’s power is the power of the state. And the power of the state is derived from its monopoly on violence and incarceration. So is it any wonder at all that a man would feel hesitant to express his masculinity fully in a society that threatens to harass him, seize his hard-won resources, shit on his reputation, strip him of his job, and throw him in jail on the shoddy word of some stupid slut? No, of course not…

But let’s not get all morbid. There’s a whole other world out there where you don’t have to pretend anymore. Where you can say what’s on your mind all the time, be who you want all the time, and fuck as many beautiful young girls as you want all on your own terms, totally out in the open. And they don’t get shit from you unless they’ve earned it.

Thailand is on such place. So without further ado, I’ll give you my top 3 tips for scoring in Thailand if you’re coming from a Western dating paradigm:

  1. Wear your balls on your sleeve.
    My game is simple: make my sexual intent clear, sexualize the interaction, turn the girl on, bounce to my place.
    Granted, there’s a lot of finesse to what I do when I’m with a girl that’s impossible to explain in a blog post. But the finesse is still within the confines of a dominance-heavy, highly sexual dynamic. I’m moving things in the direction of sex but carefully calibrating as I go.
    There’s absolutely no need to hide your sexual intent, ever. Quite the opposite. Hiding it is fundamentally foolish because girls know that men want sex. Acting contrary to this obvious fact of nature will be perceived as self-apologetic and weak.
    Anytime you catch yourself apologizing, whether in words, body language, or action, for what you want as a man, stop yourself. Remind yourself that you’re a man and you won’t apologize or back down from what you want, ever. And if somebody doesn’t like it, they can take a hike. Refuse to be shamed, refuse to feel sorry because you have testicles. Stop walking around feeling guilty for being a born a man. Stop accepting the unearned shame that Western society has been teaching to men. It’s time to take back our rightful place as the Kings of this Earth.
  2. Volume is key.
    In a place like Bangkok it’s easy to meet a high volume of girls. Not only does this increase your chances of getting laid a lot, it has many other benefits.
    See my forum post on the busy man’s guide to getting laid in Bangkok HERE.
    You can start building a harem of quality girls based on the girls you particularly like. You can get a ton of experience interacting with girls in a short time. You can get a lot of small wins that heal your broken Western heart.
    I swear to God I’m not even joking on that last one. Thai girls, while not all of them are angels by any means, have renewed my faith in the beauty of the female spirit. Thai women still know how to be women, and that in turn brings out your masculinity. It’s a ying and yang kind of thing. You’ll see.
  3. Logistics, logistics, logistics
    You have got to have a centrally located pad! And when you set up meetings and dates, set them close to your place. The less friction there is to get a girl back to your apartment, the more likely it is she’ll come back.
    You can do everything right and get logistics wrong, and you’ll have wasted your time. Lead things smoothly and incrementally in the direction of sex, and engineer the steps back to your place to be as small and smooth as possible. Even though Thai culture is pretty free about sex, Thai girls still need to be able to rationalize away their easiness. So help them do it by suggesting a movie at your place, or a drink at your place. Anything will do as long as it’s a plausible excuse to come back to yours.  Logistics aren’t divorced from game, they’re part and parcel of the game!
    Finally,  don’t forget to have fun. Remember, you’re not in the West anymore. So relax, rock out with your cock out and take some comfort that at least some corners of Earth haven’t been corrupted by fat, disgusting feminist slobs.

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